Sunday, January 1, 2017

Pokemon Y Playthrough: Catching all the Misfits

I found Espurr in an alleyway along the Northern Boulevard.  By dancing for it, I gained it trust and both Mimi and FriendofMimi decided to come back with is to the Bureau.  I hope that I never have to dance (literally dance) for my new boss.  FriendofMimi introduced herself to us as Emma.

Chapter 3: Detective, Tourist, Gang

It wasn't long before our next case presented itself to us.  In walks a Japanese tourist.  I know she was japanese because she spoke in written japanese text.  I hope you understand what I mean by that because it's just as incomprehensible to me now that I think on it.  Hopefully the attached picture will help explain.

Looker didn't want to let on that he doesn't know one word of Japanese, so he left to buy the lady tea, leaving the irritated woman to Emma and I.  Luckily, Emma knows Japanese and Mimi knows "psychic", so Emma responded and Mimi used Psychic to link our minds.  I like to see examples of pokemon using their abilities outside of battle.

Apparently, her pokemon were stolen at the train station.  Because this is a kid's game, Emma immediately knew the culprits to be the Lumiose Gang.  Looker ran off to challenge them, but as it were, he doesn't have any pokemon...


The backstory was explained in one line of seemingly throw-away dialogue: Looker's only pokemon died a long time ago.  It isn't a thing that is often discussed in the games, but Pokemon death is a real thing at least in my head cannon.  Whenever I restart a game these days, I make sure to transfer all of the pokemon that I consistently used to the Pokemon Bank so that they may be used later on.  If not, I view those pokemon as having died.  This probably makes me a psychopath, but honestly I was a psychopath well before this came to light.

I battled in Looker's stead and defeated the gauntlet.  It turns out that little, innocent Emma used to be their leader of the Lumiose gang.

And then Looker hired the entire Lumiose gang to be his assistants as well.  He really seems to be building an army of misfit future detectives.  It's like he's collecting 'em all, if " 'em " refers to scrubby street urchin types.

Current Squad:

Greninja/Froakles/lvl 94
Pikachu/PikaPi/lvl 63
Flareon/Rox/lvl 60
Hippowdon/Leviathan/ lvl 68
Dragalge/Toxie/lvl 55
Aerodactyl/Scarydactyl/lvl 54

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