Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Guzma, Kukui, Hau, Hap, Gladdion, Hau, Accerola, Lillie, Accerola, Ghost Trial

In typical alpha male fashion, Guzma told me that he would find me some other time and beat me down.  I hope that next time, I take one of my many flying types with me to make the battle against his bug team a little easier.

I gave the Masked Royal's mask...I mean, Professor Kukui, the masked royal's mask...I'm confused too.  At any rate, I exited the conversation with a special Z-crystal for Pako-Pako once it finally evolves. (squee!!)

The princess from before showed-up again with Lillie...apparently their shopping spree was over and they were ready to let me know that they were still a part of the game.  The princess introduced herself as Accerola and once again, she failed to explain her importance.  Lillie showed up to say nothing in particular.  So, with nothing having been done, nor gained from the exchange.  My next run-in with the legion of supporting characters was on the following route with a person named Hap.  Hap gave me a ride pager for Mudsdale, and...I'm sorry, but who the hell are you?! 

Christ, I have found my next nitpick for this game:  there are too many supporting characters...snd specifically too many characters whose name starts with an "H".

Tapu Village was the next town on my journey--the site of the base of Alola's eventual Victory Road. I say "eventual" because, as I mentioned before, the Pokemon league hasn't fully been developed nor build so far.  This is the inaugural championship.  There, I met Hau and Gladdion.  Gladden warned us that there is a pokemon called Cosmog that has the power to destroy reality or something like that...surely he doesn't mean that puffball that Lillie has stuffed into her bag?!

I'm sorry if none of this makes sense or if I'm switching topics too much.  Surely, it isn't just the fever that I'm running that is making this whole experience so surreal.  Surely, it's at least partly that this game has so many clitting characters all over the place that I can't keep track of a single plot thread.

I came upon Accerola again (why are you here?!) and she directed me toward a spooky, haunted beach.  On this spooky, haunted beach was a spooky haunted mall.  Obviously, I was in for a spooky, haunted ghost trial.

Apparently, Accerola is the Ghost Captain!!

Have I seriously just not been paying attention?

Current Squad:
Brionne/Pako Pako/lvl 30
Crabrawler/Ppunches/lvl 29
Salandit/Sassy Sally/lvl 29
Oricorio/Ori-Chan/lvl 31
Tsareena/Bouncee/lvl 31
Sylveon/Star Fighter/lvl 29

On Rotation:
Mareanie/Meanie/lvl 29
Toucannon/Pip Pip/lvl 30
Electabuzz/Buzz/lvl 30

Pokedex: 174


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