Saturday, March 30, 2013

Back into the Fire

I feel that it is noteworthy to state that coming back to a previously-saved pokemon game after being gone for a month or more is like running the 800 meter at a track meet after weeks of sedentary living--sure you kind of get the gist of what you're supposed to be doing, but in the end, most of your technique is just a lot of flailing around and the rest of it is just plain wrong.  And being thrown right-into the march through "Victory Road"?  Now that's just painful...

As a whole the trek to the top of that mountain came through as something of a haze to me and I can't quite remember actually getting through it.

Like the day after a truly amazing party I found myself standing at the exit to Victory Road with a team barely alive anchored with a newly-evolved Haxorus (who must have evolved from "Tusks", Fraxure, somewhere along the line).

Similarly I found that Elgyem, that weird useless alien I adopted because I thought I needed a useless Psychic type, had evolved into Beheeyem, another weird looking pokemon with a forgettable name.

Off to my destiny! To the Pokemon League HQ!

Current Squad: